Triphala is one of Ayurveda's most simple, most celebrated, and most utilized herbal blends. The name Triphala literally means Three Fruits, Tri - Three - Phala Fruits, referring to the three fruits of which it is composed. Although powerful in themselves, these three fruits join together and work in synergy to restore balance to the most foundational bodily system - digestion, thereby re-establishing balance and health at a very fundamental level that has wide reaching, and very noticable effects throughout the body.  

Triphala is cleansing and toning for the digestive tract, eliminating harmful bacteria while supporting the essential intestinal flora on which digestion depends. It is healing for the delicate inner linings of the stomach, intestines and colon, helping the body to restore these organs to full health and operation, and is detoxifying, strengthening the liver and purifying the blood, both of which offer remarkable support for the immune system.

Let's take a look at each ingredient individually to better understand their synergy!

Amla - Amalaki - Embellia Officianalis

Amla - Amalaki - Embelica Officianalis