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American Indian Imports (AII) was founded in early 2012 as a natural development of our love and fascination with India and desire to share the beauty and power of Indian Art, Health, and Culture with the Western world. We are a marriage of two small family owned and operated companies on opposite sides of the world. One in New Delhi, India and the other in Los Angeles, California.


India has many wonderful ancient traditions and arts, but there are none so beautiful and beneficial as those of Yoga and Ayurveda. For this reason, we have begun by providing India’s wide range of Ayurvedic health and beauty products, organic foods, and books here on our website. Our selection here is determined by two criteria. First and foremost, we select products that are produced in an ecological and sociological respectful way, supporting natural health and a sustainable economy. Second, we select products that serve our customer’s needs.

We are here to serve our customers by bridging the gap between the India and the West. The cultural tides of today are flowing from West to East and East to West, and we are here to facilitate the latter. It is our goal to bring India’s natural wisdom to the West, while providing excellent service, and supporting the Indian and American economies.


Although, the World grows smaller every day due to technological development and the expansion of international trade relations, the Wisdom of our Ancestors is no less relevant and useful for us today than it was for them thousands of years ago. Both the good and bad effects of our modern lifestyle and economy are plain to see, and we can benefit much from the natural and conscious lifestyle encouraged and taught by Yoga and Ayurveda.

Natural health and beauty isn’t a fantasy. However, it does require a different approach to yourself, your health and your body than modern western medicine and cosmetics. It is a holistic approach that discounts no part of life as too small and insignificant. Health and beauty are parts of life that are to be explored and discovered in every moment, just as life itself. We are working hard to educate and support the West on their journey to healthier, happier, and more natural lifestyles. We hope that we can help you too.

If you have any questions, concerns, or simple wonders about Ayurveda, Yoga, products, ingredients, or orders please don’t hesitate to write or give us a call. It is always a pleasure to serve..


Email: info@americanindianimports.com

Phone: +1-562-912-3477

Interested in buying products in bulk or wholesale?

Send us an Email at: info@americanindianimports.com, with Wholesale in the subject.

Looking forward to hearing from you!